Persons who are willing to work out in gym for keeping themselves fit are finding it very hard because of the time constraints provided in a single day for their office or for their family. What else can be done for staying fit? Bodyweight exercises are the perfect solution for this. Hardly they need to spend maximum of 1 hour which can be done inside the home. So, be a part of gymless revolution.
                                So, what is bodyweight exercise? The concept of bodyweight exercises is mainly using your own bodyweight and quality of inertia as means to develop your own physique. It was being derived from 'calisthenics'. Calisthenics comes from a greek word which means beauty and strength.It was named after a greek historian 'Callisthenes'.
                                There are many bodyweight exercises available in this world. Some of them are as follows:-

1. Lunges:-

             Done by bringing one leg forward and almost kneeling on the back leg. Once the forward leg makes 90o angle, then move up and repeat. There are many types of lunges like forward lunge, backward lunge and walking lunge etc.

2. Jumping Jacks (Star Jumps/Stride Jumps):-

             Done by jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides.


3. Sit-ups:-

               Done by lying down with the back on the floor, knees bent and bottoms of feet against the floor.  The shoulders are then lifted off the floor, bringing the chest closer to the knees and to lower back to floor with a smooth movement.

4. Crunches:-

               Only a concentrated but shorter movement of the abdominals is preferred as compared to sit-up. Shoulder blades are lifted off the floor, and abdominals tightened.

5. Push-ups:-

              Performed face down on the floor, palms against floor under the shoulders, toes curled upwards against the floor. The arms should go from fully extended in the high position to nearly fully flexed in the low position, while making sure to avoid rest on the floor.

6. Pull-ups:-

              The body is lifted up and moved down in a slow controlled manner by grasping an overhead bar using a shoulder-width grip.

7.  Squats:-

               Standing with feet shoulder width apart, squatting down as far as possible, bringing the arms forward parallel to the floor and returning to standing position.

8. Calf-raises:-

                Standing on a platform with an edge where the heels can hang, lift the body on the balls of the feet and then slowly return to starting position.

9. Dips:-

               Done between parallel bars by keeping the feet crossed and body is lowered until the elbows are in line with the shoulders. The subject then pushes up until the arms are fully extended, but without locking the elbows.

10. Flutter kick:-

                 Lying on your back, hands in fists under buttocks, move feet up and down near the ground.

11. Plank:-

                 Holding the ‘top’ position of a press up for extended periods of time.



                Steroids, we have heard of this  a lot of times in TV or youtube videos. Ask yourself how much you know about it? Many bodybuilders, celebrities and athletes use steroids to gain attention and boost up their stamina etc. It comes in form of powders,pills and injections. 

              Although, many people use them but they hesitate to discuss about them. What is it, how it helps to convert from a lean body or a fat guy to huge macho muscled guy,why people say it as harmful? Arnold Schwarzenegger, the most famous professional bodybuilder had accepted that he had been using steroids and later on had tried to put a ban on them after knowing the ill effects while he became the 38th governor. 

           So what are the facts concerned with the steroids? To know more, please check out the page created by me on this topic:-  



Side effects of working out in gym?

                             People who are joining the gym, are always keen towards building the results. They are always concentrating on building muscles and 6 or 8 packs within short span of time. Gradually, they become much serious about it. They start spending much time in the gym pulling out weights, without taking much rest for faster results. There are some things we should take care while we use to join gym. Otherwise, it may lead to certain side effects, which are as follows:-

1. Hernia Trouble:-

                    While pulling out the weights, beyond the capacity of our body, sometimes may lead to hernia trouble, even if we have tied belts while doing so. In our body, the only part which is loosely held is the intestine. While pulling out weights, the only part which is strained to fall is our intestine, which causes hernia. To recover from it, we need to undergo through surgery/ operation. Hernia may also be caused due to overstraining the body by pulling out normal weights with more number of times.
                     The best prevention for this is never to pull weights which is much beyond your body's capacity. Start with small weights and then switch to bigger weights slowly.

2. Aggresiveness:-

                     Overstraining the body with more number of exercises and lack of rest may lead to heat the body. Gradually, it may lead to aggresiveness. The amount of anger increases but hard to decrease since the body gets heated up.
                      The best prevention for this problem is to get maximum relaxation. Working out in gym should be done with a gap of one day for getting better results. There should be different work out routines in different days like one day for upper chest ,abs and another day for arms, biceps, triceps and so on. Some meditation techniques are preferred to overcome this trouble.

3. Overstraining during exercises may also lead to strokes in future.

4. Side Effect of Steroids:-

                     While working out in gym, some people become eager to have a huge mass body so as to gain other's attention. They start taking steroids which comes in the form of pills, powders or injections. Steroids boost up the stamina and gives a body of massive size while working out. But in future it may lead to cardiac disorders, impotency and many other serious diseases. Better to avoid the steroids and have a healthy body.

5. Body Dehydration:-

                      People use to sweat a lot while working out in gym.The amount of water present in the body utilized for proper functioning of organs and other metabolic activities decreases to a higher extent. The best way to overcome this is to have a higher intake of water before workout.

6. Prone to Injuries due to lesser Fat:-

                     Due to increase in the amount of exercises, the percentage of fat reduces to a higher extent. Fats are essential for our body to a certain extent. Fats act as shock absorbers or dampers, while we undergo any accidents or we fall somewhere. But if the amount of fat is reduced, then it is prone to more injuries.

7. Side effects of fat burning supplements:-

                    There are some fat burning supplements available in the market. These supplements help in burning the fat in a faster rate which in turn leads to muscle toned body without much fat. This leads to weakening of organs which in turn leads to improper functioning of body mechanisms.

                    There are certain  cases which people are supposed to take care while going to gym. If we take care of the following things, then the guys working out in gym can lead a healthy life. Please add comments, if i have missed out anything.