Before telling about the harmful effect of steroids, let me tell you about the steroids. What is steroids? This word is very much common among body builders or the ones who are going to gym. Steroids are a sort of compounds which are used to increase the performance or stamina of a body to a higher extent by speeding activity of protein synthesis. If someone in this world is thinking to have them or about to start to have them, i would recommend to read this topic atleast once. How many of you know that, there are two types of steroids in this world, which are:-

1. Natural Steroids:-

                   These ones are not of much harm. Natural steroids are ones which increase our functioning of hormones in a faster manner. They are being generated naturally through exercises and certain foods. In other words, we find ourselves very difficult to perform exercises while we are in beginner stage. But, later on while our body starts responding to exercises, we find it easier to do exercises and then we try to move on to next level of exercises.
                   The reason for this is that while we increase our performance in exercises, prohormones are generated. Prohormones are the substances in body which induce the amount of hormones such as cholesterol, estrogen, testosterone. Due to increase in amount of hormones, the performance of body increases gradually. We find ourselves more energetic than previous. These things doesn't come under natural steroids, rather it happens due to lot of practise in exercises. Coming to natural steroids, there are certain foods which perform the same type of fuctions. Certain hormones are already available in certain natural products. So people who are consuming that doesn't need to convert them so as to get the hormones. These ones are consumed directly. Milk is an example. Milk contains progesterone hormone which are taken directly. Consuming more milk everyday increases the size of body.

                      Many discussions had been going around the world concerned with the side effects of natural steroids, but nothing much had been proved much about it. Of course, we whatever taken in excess has its own side effects. Not only that, the reaction due to natural steroids may differ from person to person, due to his habits, physique, any surrounding disease like diabetics and many other underlying factors. These are the substances which are taken by athletes nowadays to increase their performance.

2. Anabolic Steroids:-

                      Anabolic steroids are the ones which are used by bodybuilders to get there huge or massive size. Its a common story that nowadays, many enthusiastic and energetic youngsters are interested to gain a huge size while going to gym. They use to ask the gym trainers that how to get a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. They start working out in gym and they won't be satisfied with the results even after consuming huge amount of foods. They go crazy to get a body of massive size. They might be having reasons like to impress his girlfriend, or to make others afraid of him, or to get out of the negative thoughts of being lean or fat. At last, they end up consuming anabolic steroids so as to get faster results.                

                               The above photo shows the good and bad effects of using anabolic steroids. From this you might have got a rough idea concerned with anabolic steroids. What are anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroids are certain artificial supplements which help to increase the speed of protein synthesis artificially. Inside a normal body, protein is synthesized at a certain speed. Protein synthesis is an activity in which body utilizes the protein mainly by testosterone hormone etc. These steroids increase the amount of hormones which in turn increases the activity of synthesis of protein, harming most of the organs which are involved in this process, since the organs will be working at a higher speed.
                               We have heard from our childhood days that our body is analogous to a machine. We know that machines use at a rated speed, so that the parts used for its working may not vibrate and undergo friction. Think of a machine which is working at a speed higher than a rated rpm(rev/min), then in most of the cases, it undergoes a breakdown mantenance. Same is the case with human body also. Anabolic steroids will help you gain much bigger and attractive size. Apart from this, daily the amount of protein should be taken as per the quantity of steroids. These steroids comes in form of powders, pills and injections. 
                               People who use steroids, seem to be the strongest among the crowd externally but weakest of them all internally. I meant to say they gain huge power in their body and are ready to do any sort of heavy work making them the strongest but internally their organs starts getting damaged because of the side effect. The harmful effects occurs like a chain reaction, finally it gives frequent trips to hospital. To overcome this after effects, there are some dosages of anti steroids also available in the market. But they are costlier and has its own limitations. Arnold Schwarzenegger, after becoming a governor had put a ban on the steroids declaring the side effects concerned with steroids. When asked about the evidence for this, he replied his life itself as a living evidence.    


                              There are many people in this world, who after knowing all the side effects also are taking the steroids, just to gain fame in the world. Everyone in this world has got a life which is limited to certain time period. No one in this world will live a second more than the time given by GOD. So, in this modern world where people die because of pollution, heart attacks, brain disease, smoking, alcohol consumption, poverty, suicide. It becomes a choice how you should lead your life. My duty was to inform you about the steroids and i think i have done it to my best of  knowledge.

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